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About SoCal Ice Productions

The World Ice Sculpting Alliance (WISA) comprises 10 companies who have pooled resources to take ice sculpting to a new level. SoCal lce Productions is proud to be one of WISA's founding members, and the first ice sculpting company in Southern California to posses this new technology.
Equipped with CNC routers, ice lathes and a range of hand tools and accessories, The Alliance introduces a new dimension to a traditional craft with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Facts about WISA Sculptures:


Computer technology guarantees 100% accuracy for corporate logo reproduction and other intricate designs

Large Design Library:

10 Companies pooling practical ideas create interesting and eye appealing options

Design Flexibility:

Ability to cut or mirror designs at different depths


High-speed, computer-controlled technology provides a fast turn-around of product designs unheard of in the traditional ice carving business


Traditional carving cannot match the design capabilities, production time or reproduction quality possible with CNC equipment


The high quality of WISA workmanship is reflected in all sizes of sculpture--from small, individual sorbet dishes to large, multi--block designs.

For example, the amount of detail incorporated in smaller sculptures, such as a table centerpiece, will not be as intricate as that in a full block design--however, the finished result is equally impressive.

Average sizes:

Sorbets from 4 inches to 6 inches wide
Plates from 8 inches to 12 inches wide
Platters from 10 inches to 18 inches wide
Table Centerpieces from 10 inches wide to 16 inches tall
Sculptures single block from 40 inches by 20 inches
Depths can vary from 3 inches up.


Ice Sculpture - Capital Building 



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