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Light Cubes

SoCal Ice Productions - Litecubes
1.25" x 1.25"

SoCal Ice Productions is proud to be a distributor for Litecubes--Freezable Plastic Cubes that light up! Your guests will be thrilled to have this ultimate party light in their drink glasses. There is no end to the ways of using them. Great for lighting up drinks, punchbowls, coolers and spas.

Made from FDA approved plastic and a non toxic re-freezable gel, this novelty product is available in yellow, red, orange, blue, green, fuchsia and white. Battery lasts for up to 12 hours of intermittent use. Call now to place your order!

SoCal Ice Productions - Litecubes

Sculpture Island

Ice Sculptures - Floating Palm Trees

Introducing The Original Floating Ice Carving Stand! Now you can dazzle your guests with the beauty and uniqueness of an ice sculpture floating in a pool or pond, charmingly illuminated from beneath.

After months of careful development and testing, SoCal Ice Productions' has created "Sculpture Island", designed to hold a single block, vertical ice carving or floral arrangement. Made of an attractive and durable white base with acrylic top. Comes complete with an adjustable rubber coated anchor to maintain position of float without aimless drifting.

Call now to rent or purchase Sculpture Island for your next event!

Floating Ice Sculpture Stand
Floating Ice Sculpture Stand



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