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USA Ice Sculpting Academy is the first full-time ice sculpting training facility in the United States, and provides the final link in the culinary student's education program. Student's will learn the skills to be able to produce professional quality ice sculptures.

The Academy is a division of SoCal Ice productions, a San Diego based company, with 16 years experience in the hospitality industry.

SoCal Ice Productions guided by Vice President, Mark Donovan, has become a successful player in a fast-growing industry. The company is equiped with the latest the latest technology, including, ice lathe, CNC router, power tools and accessories. SoCal Ice Productions also manufactures its own crystal clear ice blocks.

The Academy is the result of years of end planning with Mark researching techniques and keeping abreaast of new machinery and equipment developments with leading ice companies around the world.

Mitsuo Shimizu of the Shimizu Ice Academy in Tokyo, Japan who has authored three ice sculpting books and is the only recognized Grand Master Ice Sculptor in the world, has endorsed USA Ice Sculpting Academy. It is hoped that Shimizu will conduct a course at the Academy from time to time.

Classes will run from Level 1 Beginners to Advanced workshops and will also embrace the 'business' side of managing and operating an ice sculpting company.


(Grand Master, Mitsuo Shimizu)




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All tools, chainsaws and a line of USA Ice Sculpting Academy clothing are available for sale.

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